Documents for 43rd AGA

IFSMA 43nd Annual General Assembly,
Held at MITAGS, Baltimore, 18th & 19th April 2017

43rd AGA, Minutes & Annexes (PDF document, 50 pages)

Additional Documents (PDF Versions)

Autonomous Ships (G. Quick)

Cyber Threats

Master's Satisfaction



Results of the IFSMA 2016 Survey

Invitation by CCOUMM for 2018

Invitation by CMMI for 2019


Access to photographs kindly provided by CAMM

Photographs from the IFSMA AGA Day One

Photographs from the IFSMA AGA Day Two

Phorographs from the MITAGS reception and visit to the Ship Handling Simulator

Photogrpahs from the Joint IFSMA/CAMM Annual Dinner

AGA 43 - Video of joint CAMM/IFSMA Annual Dinner speeches (1hr 15min)

Video sponsored by CAMM and provided by MaritimeTV