Documents Referenced
in Minutes to 34th AGA

Alternate Link for Snapshot Video of 34th AGA

Full length video on DVD (1hour 19mins) available from Headquarters.

34th AGA Resolutions (pdf 113k)

1st ISPIC Conference Resolution (pdf 85k)

IFSMA Annual Review 2007-2008 (2.8mb)

IFSMA 34th AGA Part A Document (pdf 743k)

IFSMA 34th AGA Minutes, Part B Document (pdf 577k)

Presentation (pdf 564k) Crowd & Crisis Management

Presentation (pdf 82k) Astro Navigation

Presentation (pdf 1.3mb) Lifeboat Maintenance

Presentation (pdf 338k) Mooring Problems

Presentation (pdf 1.9mb) Pitracy & Security

Presentation STCW Past Present Future


Delegates assembled for Group Photograph outside the University of Applied Sciences, Faculty V – Centre of Maritime Studies, Bremen

Delegates hard at work during the AGA at the Park Hotel Conference centre, Bremen