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Unity for Safety at Sea

Council 114

It is important for IFSMA to attend these meetings as many of decisions made here filter down to the committees and sub-committees and the way that they will operate.
There are normally no interventions to be made. The main remit is to listen and learn.
Attendance at this meeting was
Secretariat x 1
Individual Members x 2 for part of the week only
One of the important agenda items at this meeting was the election of the new IMO secretary general to replace Mr. K. Sekimizu who is standing down after 1 four year term.
Agenda 1 – Adoption of the Agenda
This was conducted and no changes to the agenda were requested and the sequence of agenda items were agreed.
Agenda 2 – Report of the Secretary – General on Credentials
This was delayed as some countries had not presented the necessary documentation. This was quickly achieved and this matter was completed with no problems
Agenda 3 – Strategy, Planning and Reform
This agenda item had a number of points which had to be addressed. These were
Clarification of Key issues in the review and Reform of the Strategic Plan
Update on review and Reform
Report of the Working Group on the Development of a new Strategic Framework
Transparency and Accountability of the Organization
Report of the Correspondence Group on the Review of the GAP
Work Plan of a New Strategic Framework – General Comments
The Strategic Plan had been discussed in January of this year and had been given the support of a report from an international consultancy group which had completed a strategic plan for the next 6 years for the IMO. The consultants will remain involved and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan and the way forward for the IMO.
Agenda 4 – Resource Management
This item focuses on the IMO staff regulations and rules and how they are developed and implemented. It also reports on staff numbers, retirements and recruitment.
It also covers the accounts and audit for the period of 2014
In addition, there is a report of arrears of contributions to the IMO
Finally the 2015 budget was proposed and considered by the plenary
Agenda 5 – Results – based Budget for 2016 – 2017
This item details the budgets for the next 2 years which will meet the financial constraints of the IMO and deliver the proposed work load for this time.
This was approved by the council
Agenda 6 – IMO Member State Audit Scheme
The main thrust of this agenda item was the report on the progress being made in the implementation of this scheme. It should be noted that a new edition of the document supporting this scheme has recently been released which contains all relevant matters pertaining to this scheme.
Agenda 7 – Consideration of the Report of the Legal Committee
The report on the committee has already been reported on in previous reports
Agenda 8 – Consideration of the Report of the Maritime Safety Committee
The report on the committee has already been reported on in previous reports
Agenda 9 – Consideration on the Report of the Maritime Safety Committee
The report on the committee has already been reported on in previous reports
Agenda 10 – Consideration of the Report of the Technical Cooperation Committee
Regrettably, this committee was not attended by IFSMA
Agenda 11 – Technical Cooperation Fund
This is a vital component of the IMO which allows many of the work conducted by or behalf of the IMO to be carried out. The work is only limited by the funds available.
Agenda 12 – Protection of Vital Shipping Lanes
This topic focussed once more on the problems of piracy and armed robbery as well as looking at the cooperative mechanism for the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.
India raised concerned over the passage of ships in the Indian Ocean towards the Indian coast which has resulted in problems of commercial shipping interacting with the Indian fishing fleet.
Agenda 13 – Periodic Review of Administrative requirements in Mandatory IMO Instruments
This is becoming a major concern as the administrative burden on ships to conform and ways to reduce this burden.
Agenda 14 – World Maritime University
The work, funding and function of the WMU and the relationship with the IMO is an important part of the maritime industry. This is an important part of shipping and the persons attending this university and how it raises the professional competence not only of individuals
Agenda 15 – IMO International Maritime Law Institute
This Maltese based institution was reported on and the budget for its continued presence was recorded.
Agenda 16 – Assembly Matters
The covered the provisional agenda for A.29 and the preparation of this assembly.
A report was presented the work and progress made since A.28.
The appointment of the External Auditor was completed
Agenda 17 – External Relations
This item is concerned with a number of issues on how the IMO works with or has association with other international bodies, in particular the UN and other specialized agencies
There was discussion on the problems being faced by the international shipping community in respect of the HLM Mixed Migration at Sea. The Secretary General gave an exceptional speech in respect of this matter in respect of the merchant ships, companies and ships that go to great lengths to rescue migrants from the sea. This is a global problem. This speech was supported by all.
World Maritime Day was discussed. This included this year and future years for dates and location of World Maritime Day. The lead in time for these events is in years due to the time needed to organize such an event.
The International Maritime Prize had only one person proposed and this was supported by acclamation of the plenary.
The results of the IMO Award for exceptional Bravery at Sea were announced. These include the other 26 nominees, all of who have conducted themselves beyond the call of duty.
The 2015 day of the Seafarer was reported on and the success of this event and the alternatives was duly noted
There is a new member to the IMO. Zambia has joined the IMO and been accepted.
The Secretary General reported on the status of the conventions and other multilateral instruments. There were some comments from the plenary of which Japan noted the status the BWM Convention and the attempts to bring it into force before the current Secretary General steps down.
There are a number of conventions that need to be ratified and it was requested that individual member states.
Agenda 18 – Report on the Status of the Convention and Membership of the Organization
This is a central part of the function of the IMO and it is important in planning the way ahead and trying to bringing outstanding conventions to ratification. There are a number of items that need only a small increase in flag administration to support conventions to bring them to ratification. This is for the flag administrations to decide, the IMO can only request implementation.
Agenda 19 – Report on the Status of Conventions and Other Multilateral Instruments in Respect of which the Organization Performs Functions
This a never ending work to not only bring new conventions to the IMO but also the work needed to bring other through the stages to reach implementation to the maritime community.
There is a lot of work completed, but more to be done and this can only be achieved by the flag administrations, not solely by the IMO.
Agenda 20 – Appointment of the Secretary General
There were 6 candidates presenting themselves for election to the post. These came from Cyprus; Denmark; Kenya; Philippines; Russian Federation; South Korea.
The voting went through 5 rounds of voting behind closed doors and the winner of the election was Mr. Lim Ki-tack of South Korea. He will assume the title of Secretary General on the 1 January 2016.
Agenda 21 – Appreciation of the Services to the Organization of Mr. K. Sekimizu
A number of flag States paid tribute to the work conducted by the secretary general during his tenure as Secretary General. Australia, Germany, and Peru were the first of many delegations to pay tribute to him.
Agenda 22 – Place, Date and Duration of the next Two Sessions of the Council (C/ES.28 and C115)
These will take place at the IMO headquarters in London.
The dates are:
C/ES.28 – 19 – 20 Nov 2015
Council 115 – 3 Dec 2015
It should be noted that A.29 will take place on the 23 Nov – 2 Dec 2105
Agenda 23 – Supplementary Agenda, if any